So My friend has a classical guitar that he never plays, and I didn't even know he had it! So I asked if I could see it and he said I could have it. SO I was amazed and I went to look at it and it looks like a good old classical nylon string guitar, but I don't know that brand, or lack there of...

It looks old consider all of the small knicks and dings, but nothing major, just looks old. There isn't a brand anywhere on the guitar, except for the stamp looking like red markings inside that read "MADE IN HOLLAND" No brand, or date or anything, The strings are kinda old and it was hella out of tune, but it tuned right up and the tuning heads are in good shape. It has a good tone to it, but I don't really know anything about it. I will try to post some pictures, but I haoping on a whim that someone knows of this type of guitar and can tell me if it is decent or not. Considering I only paid $30 for it, (His mom said it should be sold and not given away considering his grandparents gave it to him for his birthday and it has some value.) and the old hard-ish shell case it came in looks like it would be worth $30. SO if anyone could give me some info on it, or knows of any good links to find out history on guitars, let me know. I will try to put up pictures of it in the mean time. I can answer any questions about it if you need more info. thanks in advance.
i have no idea, but i found this dutch guitar website, which has an irritating backing tune on it. http://www.aspeguitars.com/engels/index.html

if its one of these, your in luck, as they sell for about 1,700 euros!

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i went on that website, and then left it and the music wont stop. Its pissing me off. how do i stop it?
Ok i just went on it again to see if that mad it stop and now its just playing with a slight echo
check the back of the headstock for the serial number not knowing the brand it might not be of to much help but it's a start
Ummm.... TwoWheels... I don't know if you read it or not but it's a classical. That web-site has onlt a few electrics and no classical acoustics.

There isn't a number anywhere on the guitar. There are no marks that were made from who ever built it except for the red ink stamp inside.
its almost impossible to find a website of a dutch guitar maker. the only company i could find was Egmond, and the only link is of a model George Harrison owned before he was famous in 1956. http://www.thecanteen.com/egmond.html

i cant find anything else. some pictures would be good.

"Just wait till tomorrow
I guess that's what they all say
Just before they fall apart"
I'll try to get some pictures up by tomorrow around 5pm, Oregon time
Look in the soundhole... that's where you're likely to find the make and serial number.

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Look in the soundhole... that's where you're likely to find the make and serial number.


i believe he's already tried that and theres nothing there, cept for the 'made in holland' stamp.

maybe some just made it and it isn't a branded guitar..
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Uh, it doesn't look like a high quality guitar...

Looks like a cheapy, if you ask me. Especially judging by the woods and the fretboard.
My God, it's full of stars!
Well considering that the picture was taken with strange and very bright light, I really doubvt you could judge a guitar by the way it looks with the sun shinning right on it. But I think everyones right. I think it was hand made, but not a really well built hand made kind of guitar. It doesn't really matter anymore. Im gona mess around with it and sell it to some kid for cheap, or just something to hang on the wall....
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