So I've been playing for a year on a cheap Jay Turser Guitar. I'm now getting a Schecter C-1 Elite with a 100w Marshall amp. I've never really ever tried messing around with amp settings and tone knobs and pickup switch stuff on my Jay Turser, and there is alot of different things that I am not familiar with on the Schecter that I don't have on my Jay Turser so I just need some basic questions answered.

1. Whats the pickup switch do? Its a 3 way switch. I've heard that it switches between the pickups but what is the differences when you choose one pickup or the other or both? and which way selects which pickup?

2. Tone knob. I've messed around with it a bit but never really made a different sound or anything. Tell me about it?

3. What kind of effects do you think I should get? I'm considering a wah pedal..

4. Now what about all the knobs on an amp? I don't have the amp yet but I have my 10w practice amp. Whats gain do?

5. What is a coil tap and how can I do it? I heard there is one on the Schecter but I have no idea what it means and what it does. Please Explain.

6. Do you guys recommend some kind of cleaner for the strings or anything because this is the first time I will have a nice guitar that I won't throw around. Will cleaning the strings make any difference?

7. Is the Schecter C-1 Elite a good Guitar? I played it and it feels, looks, plays and sounds very nice. I got it for 475 + a hard case for it at Guitar Center. I couldn't get a C-1 Classic however because I could only spend about 500.

Edit: BTW I play many styles, blues, classic rock, modern rock stuff, occasional heavy rock / metal.
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1. 3 positions are neck, neck and bridge, and bridge (usually). basically, the bridge is treblier and the neck is bassier and warmer.

2. all the way up = full treble, turn it down to cut treble.

3. depends entirely on what you wanna play

4. pretty self explanatory with bass, mid treble etc. gain is the level of overdrive, basically.

5. a coil tap 'splits' the coils of a humbucker pickup to give a singlecoil sound on a humbucker guitar.

6. fast fret, or the swipe. yes, the cleaner you keep them, the less youll have to change them.

7. no idea, but ive heard lots of good things about it so i guess so, although its not really my cup of tea.
1. selector switch changes between neck humbucker and bridge humbucker. The bridge humbucker is more trebly and has a higher output whereas the neck humbucker has a smoother creamier sound. The pickup switch will point in the direction of the selected pickup.

2.Tone knob is a bass/treble control built into one control. Full tone is full treble and 0 on the tone control will be much bassier with little treble.

3.Wah is a goodidea because im guessing you'll have distortion and overdrive in your amp.

4. Gain is probably the amount of distortion or drive you get. Obviously the equalisation will alter the the amount of bass mid and treble.

5. Coil tap splits the humbuckers on your guitar so that they act as singlecoil pickups like on a strat.

6. I tend to use GHS fast fret. It just keeps the strings nice and smooth and stops them from rusting a bit. Also wipe down your strings after playing.

7. That schecter you mention is a very nice guitar, good choice.