I just picked up a boss BF-2 flanger off of ebay for 50 bucks and found out it is analog. What is the real difference between the older boss analog effects from the newer digital effects. I'm hopefully getting a tube amp soon and "analog" effects sound like they would fit the bill with a tube amp to get great sound. Also how do you know if you are getting analog and not digital? Oh and the BF-2 sounds great!
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as a very big generalisation, analogue tends to sound a bit more natural, while digital can be a bit more sterile- but you can get features in the digital models (like longer delay times etc.) that you can't get with analogue. All depends what you want, really...
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x2. Completely personal preference. For most people it's a psychosomatic thing and wouldn't be able to tell the difference in a blind test.
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