hey guys. ive only posted on this forum a few time in the "show off you bass" thread and i really liked the way this forum is kinda different than all of the others. just wanted to start off with that.
im basically A guitar player, ive been playing for 4 years now, ive been plaaying bass for a year. i can slap n' pop and i can basswalk. i can build mellow tunes and some funky ones. but i have NO IDEA WHAT SO EVER on the physicall shape of the bass, I can name barley 3 parts. and if someone could post A link to A site that can help me with that i would appreciate it.

I need some recommendations.

Have you guys heard the song Exit Music (For A Film) by Radiohead?

i need to get that kind of fuzz for my bass. i need to find out the tone. im kinda using some effects processor and i need you to tell me how to build it, it has basic multi-effect stuf in it.
or even better-can you tell me what fuzz pedak does he uses in it? and what are the settings?

now, im using my sisters old bass guitar, she doesnt play anymore. the strings were attached for, i suppose, 7 years. so i need some strings companys and what YOU use. money is not an issue.

thanks afar.
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I think I have D'addarios on my four string, too bright for me, ernie ball flats on my fretless, and god-only-knows-what on my five string.

the parts of the bass are pretty much the same for guitar, like bridge, nut, neck, pickup...

and the only effect I know anything about is flanging.

In Exit Music, Colin uses a Shin-ei Companion FY-2 pedal. You cannot buy them anymore, and they are absolutely amazing. If you find one, i'll buy it for double what you paid for it.

As far as the build of a bass goes, have a read of t h i s site and if you have any questions, feel free to post more.


Edit: As for strings, this is personal preference. I use Elixers Nanoweb, but this has been trial and error over many years. Just keep buying a different set when they need changing (every few months depending on how much you play), and note the differences in tone and feel. When you find some that feel and sound "right" (to you!), stay with them.
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he uses a Companion FY-2 by Shin-ei Corp - it's from the 60's/70's and rarer than rocking horse sh*t mate! no chance !

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Shalom bassbitch haha...

thanks for all of the info. actually, i have a friend who owns a whole wherehouse of old rock related stuff. ive been there a few times most of the stuff is wood produced items like necks and etc. but ill be sure to look for old pedals.

right now. the feel of the strings is most important to me. i want stressfull gough than i play fast riffs with open strings.

thanks guys.
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