ok everyone, i found a gibson les paul studio, usa-made. i dont know what year or pickups(my friend whose guitar it is got it ages ago) for £700

is that a good price for second hand? the new ones are £850

I know its a good guitar for me etc, so going just on the price, what do people think?
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I just sold a black one for £450. I wouldnt pay any more than £600 and thats MINT condition with a case.
700£ is a tad much
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Doesn't it have a serial number? If it does then just get it and go to the Gibson website.
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Great guitars, but when's it from?
You can get really good used Studios from £450-£600, don't pay £700.
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yeah 700 is a bit to omuch

used one usually go for under 1 grand CDN here, which is rougly 500 pounds
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I got mine off eBay for £400. Albeit it's a little roughed up around the edge, but after a setup it plays great. It didn't come with a Gibson case, though. But it's now in a Hiscox hard case.

I'd say £700 was too much, if the shop around you can probably get a new one for that price. I don't know what happened to the prices on GAK but the price of LP Studio's just shot up in the last year. They used to be around £700, now they're £850 - WTF happened there?

Anywho, shop around. Unless it plays and looks fantastic, I'm sure you can get a better deal.
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