I recorded this last night, it took forever my space to upload it, and I was wondering if anyone can crit this for me me. I messed up a couple of times, too lazy to fix currently, and the timing is a bit off, I'm not used to audacity, but I was hoping that someone could tell me whether or not I have something good here or if its just garbage haha. Thanks

I like it (I'm typing as I listen).

You do have something good here...I think so anyway.

Clean it up a bit and you're golden.

Oh and I requested to be your friend. =)

EDIT: Just finished it...and wow that's really good.
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thanks a lot man. I'm planning on re-recording it when I write lyrics and possibly get a nicer recording program, though audacity works fine.
I think this song has the potential too successfully become many different things. I think it sounds great already as just an instrumental song, kind of like something you'd hear as the soundtrack for a movie. You said you were going to add lyrics, so I'm looking forward to hearing that. I think it could also sound good as an electric song with a full band. I don't know if you have a band or anything. It just seems like the type of song that would translate well into an electric version. I think there's many ways you could take this song and all of them would be great. Good job.
Only problem is the begginning sounds too "tick-tock-tick-tock" if u get what im sayin
well actually the writting process has slowed, been busy working etc, so I haven't yet but I am planning to and hope to re-record the song with lyrcis and also have new stuff put up, thanks for all the comments
Pretty. Really nice melody and entertaining. It's a bit repetitive though. try to use different chord progressions with your main riff - change it up a bit. the bridge should be more intense - i dunno, a little louder. but this is really good. vocals would really kick it up a notch. great job.

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I dont like the intro its tick tock as someone else had said but the verse/chorus or w/e it is cool and well thought out.. Im liking it for the most part good feeling good work and keep rockin.
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