Just had an 81 and 85 put in my Explorer but was wonderin about a 60 in the neck.
Anyone got one? What they like? Ive heard there supposed to be simular to a single coil?
ive played on them, but dont own any, personally i'm a lead guitarist, and dont like the midrange crunch that they give. it's very James Hetfield-esque, so if you like the way James sounds, then you'll probably like them. I like the way Kerry King and Kirk Hammett sound, so that's why i use 81s
Was thinkin bout the 60 for the neck. Thought Hetfield used the 60 in the neck and the 81 in the bridge but used the 81 most of the time?
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81/85 combo with 81 bridge and 85 neck?

Thats what ive just had put in but without the gain boost that kerry king has
Cool, thats what I was after really. Just to use the neck 60 for clean and solo. Might get one when I get paid and stick it in. Cheers
seperately they cost me £180 but thats including fitting. Think the Kerry King set is the same but with the gain boost. Im unsure wether its the EMG afterburner or something different. You can buy them for around £35 I think.
The 60 is by far the better neck pickup for cleans. I've had both the 85 and 60 in my LTD EX351 and Agile AL-3000, and the 60 is a big improvement. I'll be getting a 60 for the neck of my ESP Explorer soon.
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I think the 81 is great for a slayer kinda sound. If your gonna keep it heavy all the time I'd stick with the 85 in the neck and 81 in the bridge but I want something a little more versatile and cleaner so think im gonna get the 60. Wanna buy an 85? ! ! !
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I got the 60 in my neck as soon as i got my LTD f-2005. it's really awesome for cleans, like the 81 gives me a really thin clean sound, whereas the 60 gives me a beefy clean sound which makes playing chili peppers betta. also the 60 distorts to become a real mean kinda beefy sound, like playing nirvana songs it's awesome, gives it that grunge grit. The 81 is just too perfect in it's distortion and is more for soloing and that "lead tone", i love having the 81/60 combo (and i wasn't trying to copy james btw) because it does the versatility. the 60 seems lower output then the 81, perhaps because it's designed more for clean sounds (but once again awesome for distortion).
^ Is the 60 good for soloing? I was watching a vid of Nothing Else Matters and also Sanitarium and I love James' clean tone, which is the 60 right? But he also solos too in Nothing else matters, which I'm not sure if he's using the 60 or 81. But how does the distortion/soloing compare for the 60 to the 85?
i can only compare the 60 to the 81 (because those are the 2 i have). 81 is like your distorted pickup; powerful, sharp, great attack, whereas the 60 almost sounds more acoustic to me. I'd say he would be using the 60 for nothing else matters acoustic parts and the switch his pickup to the 81 for the soloing at the end. the 81 seems much more responsive for soloing to me, whereas the 60 almost lags somehow, like it's not there for soloing, doesn't have the power and attack, but it definately has a lot more warmth. i think warmth would be the key word, the 81 is cold harsh distortion die biatch, the 60 is warm cuddly smooth nice.
um well the 60 does nirvana style distortion, u noe that grungy dirty distortion, probably ACDC style distortion as well. It can pull of metallica distortion too it's just that i prefer the 81 for that when it comes down to a choice, the 81 is just like a killer, it's the ultimate EMG. THe 60 when distorted feels a bit darker and moodier then the 81, like the 81 comes out of the gates and just kills but the 60 is a bit shier and more reserved, more bassy, more of a booming distortion rather then a sharp stabbing distortion.

sorry about all the metaphors
alright, thanks for the info, so it sounds like the 60 is aimed more for rhythm playing while the 81 is for the lead position, As long as the 81 is great for all the chords and riffs, and is excellent for soloing, then really the only thing I need is the cleans from the 60. Plus I also play some hard rock/grunge nirvana type stuff so I'll be able to use the 60 for that, because it seems the 81 is aimed directly for metal. So the 81/60 seems to be versatile and the best combination then.
yep, i asked some guitar techs at the time whether they thought it'd be a good idea (cause the LTD came with an 81/81 combo) and they said that the 81/60 was the set for versatility. the 81/85 is the set for extreme metal and soloing and the 81/81 is the standard metal set.
sounds nice yeah, but its a little overpowering. If you put it in the neck (especially on a les paul) it has a lot of bottom end
i have been through all 3 EMG pick ups listed and more. My favorite Set Up is 81/60 but im a rhythm player. If you play the lead and use the neck for soloing i do not suggest the 60 because it doesnt have that good of a lead tone it is a clean and rhythm pick up. The 85 and 81 are both awesome for soloing though i just hate the cleans and rhythm of the 85 when it is in the neck.

If you solo with your bridge pick up by all means go with the 81/60 combo it is by far the best ,but if you like to solo oon the neck i suggest a 85 or 81 for the neck as they are better for soloing on the neck.

Sry if i klinda rambled but hopefully you will get the jist of it
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ya EMG 81/60 seems like what you would like and you can use the 81 for Rhythm work as well as soloing and lead stuff
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