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So i recently got "horses in the sky" and while most of my friends find the cd to be boring, and whiny.. i fell in love.

anyone have any comments on this band or album recommendations?
I have one or two CDs downloaded

Shame on me. Sounded pretty good but I've not given it a listen for agesss
I've got copies of 'Horses in the sky' and 'This is our punk rock...' but I never really liked them that much. I got fed up of listening to Godspeed side projects. Set fire to flames, hrsta, 1-Speed bike, Esmerine, the Shalabi Effect and Fly Pan Am - all decent, but you know, there is a limit on how much you can take and A Silver Mount Zion was the limit.
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They're coming to Chicago, but it's at a 21 and over venue, so I can't make it.

But yeah, some really beautiful stuff. He Has Left Us Alone... is one of the most desolate records I've ever heard. And the track where he sings is just incredible. As bad of a vocalist as Efrim is, I can't think of anyone who fits the music better.
fantastic band, very good live.

I love my Horses in the sky vinyl
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I love my Horses in the sky vinyl

YES! it's great. best package for any cd or vinyl i've ever bought.

also by far the most i've ever paid for a record, $30.
I love them, but doesn't his singing suck live?
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His singing isn't very good regularly.

He Left Us Alone is probably their best with Born Into Trouble being close by.
Really like this band and enjoy it more than some Godspeed stuff.
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