**well if ur already reading this, i'd reele like some crit on this, it's a peice i reele like and it has alot of meanoing to me, but once again i feel there is something missing or sumthing more i can to to make it the song it should be, so help me out and tell me what u think**

Until The Rain.

Time is standing still
Time has stopped
Against my will
Soaked and drowning in this heavenly liquid
Falling from starry skies
This moment is flawless
Warm, and pure
Among us many doubts
But this I know for sure


My lips upon your lips
Drowning in the moment
The moon sails on
With 10 thousand shining ships
Down pours this warm wet fluid
Each droplet floating still
Just as we did
Seize this moment
It is one of a kind
This rain gives us love
We are one of a kind

Careful to remember
Resurrect these sacred seconds
Let cool wind show you
And rain completely consume you
Be engulfed in this presence
This undeniable essence
That is this love


This pure eternity is coming to an end
Hands or reality grasp
Bringing time back again
The droplets begin to move
Faster they fall
I want nothing more then this fragment in time
You and I under the rain
This is all


If forever I must wait
Again for unison by fate
Then forever I will wait
Until the rain comes again
ummm...yeah...awsome song and i agrree that theres something missing....maybe you could ad something after "you and i under the rain this is all" it sounds in complete
i could be WAY more helpful than this if you could explain the song to me

great so far
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