Here's a song I recorded like a year ago. I just realized I've never posted it on UG before, and I'm curious on what you all think of it


I kind of mumble, so sorry if you can't hear all the lyrics. Here they are in text form:

(btw Irvine is the city I live in)

Is everywhere
And when I look
It?s all that?s there
I see it all
Around me and
I know there?s no
Escaping that
And where I live
Isn?t helping at all
Life at Irvine
Is taking its toll
I just wish I
Could leave this place
It seems like I?ll finish
Last in this race
But that?s the way it goes
When you?re life is like mine
It?s not very pleasant but it
Passes the time
I apologize if I
Seem to whine
But I?m surrounded by folks
Who do it all the time

This is what it?s like
To live inside my boring life
There?s not much going on
So sorry for this boring song

Every day is a wait for night
And every night is a wait for day
Always waiting for something to happen
But all that?s happened has gone astray

Moments pass where I realize I?ve
Done nothing with my entire life
It?s kind of sad in a mundane type
But I pull out my guitar and I just write

And if you ask my friends, they?ll all tell you the same
Life where we live in nothing short of mundane
The most exciting moment here is when it rains
But don?t feel pity cuz that?s just the game

When I grow old, and my teeth have mold
And my vision?s blurred and my ears fold
I?ll look back and reminisce
It may be Irvine, but it?s where I live
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"so sorry for this boring song" - that was a funny line, it made me laugh. I like the overall sound to it. It kind of reminds me of the Pixies. I don't know if you'd consider that a good thing, but I mean it as one. I had some trouble understanding some of the lyrics. I don't know if that's because you mumbled them or if they're just not loud enough.

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Pretty cool....The singing is a tad mundane....but it contributes to the overall effect of the song which is pretty cool. UC Irvine was trying to recruit me...
College. ... ? . !!
There's no need to talk when we have medicine.
^ Lol, if you can get in, that's a good school =)

I'd like to go there but my low gpa will probably prevent me from doing so
Cool first verse! Catchy, with good rhymes too. This is not bad a song, I think if the words were clearer it's be better. But yes it does bring out a 'bored' sort of mood, I guess that's what you wanted?

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