I dunno about anyone else, but ever since I learned the part of For Whom the Bell Tolls ( the part below )


Messed up sizing, but that riff has helped me learn songs so much faster. Like the Children of Bodom song, Hate ME! The intro riff has been killing me, but after the FWTBT riff, it's like I knew it all along...

Anyone else?
sh!t there were TONS, anything by metallica, anything by pantera, anything by tool, megadeth, nin, ministry, nirvana, all these bands have killer riffs that are catchy as hell!
Holy Wars, Angry Again, Lucretia, Tornado of Souls and many more-Megadeth
Master or Puppets and many more!-Metallica

Yep, a lot.
Master of Puppets by Metallica is pretty much one of THE most helpful songs ever... helps with rhythm and finger exercises (e.g., the ridiculous spider riff), fingerpicking, harmonizing, soloing, etc. It's one of the only songs that's as much work for the rhythm guitarist as it is for the lead. Definitely one to learn.
Pretty much Megadeth's entire Rust in Peace album is a workout for in the rhythm section, too. I think once I got down Holy Wars and Five Magics I instantly could play 20 other songs I was stuck on. Awesome album, guitar-wise.
Not really. Just knowing the Bm Penatonic and practicing soloing with that got me ready for a lotta things.
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anything from buckethead. I learned to tremolo pick, tap, finger pick, and palm mute correctly from playing his music.
any thrash and death metal rhythms are great for building strength in your wrist and such i.e. Kreator, Metallica, Sodom, etc...
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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i was a huge GNR fan about a year ago, and the Mr Brownstone riff really got me playin better, i was so pleased that i could play something that sounded so tricky n cool
man, screw riffs, they don't teach you anything. my ear really developed fast when i started learning the melodies and chords to instrumental surf rock songs by ear. then my friend would play the chords and i'd play the melodies. this is very helpful because you learn about how the notes of the melody relate to the chords, which is essential for creating music, improvising, etc. riff are great in that they are simple and satisfying which will motivate you to play, but to really develop musically you must learn how melodies work too (and a melody you write/improvise yourself beats a cliched riff any day!)
Metallica songs helped me the most.
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well, this is wat helped me to learn...First i learned the whole Kill'em All Album, then Ride th Lightning, then Master of Puppets, then ..And justice, then the black album.....give it a shot, it did me good......
The solo to You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi and the Intro and main riff to Nothing Else Matters helped quite a lot.
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That sweeping riff in Dream Theater's Metropolis Part 1 has helped my speed a lot since I learned it. And so has the Glass Prison beginning solo.