Due to my serious lack of tone I was wondering if there exists just straight up software that I could acquire completley legally of course that offers some kind of decent modeling.
If you buy a Line 6 Toneport UX1, or UX2 it comes with 'gearbox" which is a modeling program, and also some recording software.

I have it myself, and i personally am very pleased with it.
Guitar Fx Box that sux!!
Guitar Suite Free!
Guitar Rig 2

And an interface if you want to hook up your guitar straight in your PC's ass!

Line6 toneport!
M-Audio Firewire SOLO!
Behringer DI100! about 40 bucks!!
I dont have any of them . but had read good reviews.

Preferably firewire.
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also amp farm from line 6,but its hard to find.
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I have a tubeamp modeller for ladspa! (Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API)

I just put it on the guitar's mixer strip in ardour and then play with the settings a bit. Sounds awesome and it's completely free. Theres tons more of guitar modeller effects for ladspa.
I think he's talking about GUITAR modeling software, in which case he should get a variax/

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gearbox is awsome with the toneport
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