hey guys i ordered a guitar thru guitar center and they told me that none of the guitar centers will have any of these guitars for the next 2 months and he told me that i could pick one out and take it and use it until they get mine in and we would switch and i could buy that one. should i wait, or just get it off of musicians friend, they are the same price because shipping is free...j

are there any warranty advantages or ne thing to either one of em? thanks
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Guitar Center and Musicians Friend are the same company. If you buy online you won't get to try it out and check for problems etc. but you can return it. GC will often do deal for cheaper or extra gear especially in a case like this

^^^^^^^I agree^^^^^^^^^^


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Use GC and take a nice guitar in the same price range. WHen the new one comes in, you might find that u want the other guitar.
I have already tried the guitar out at the store. But i was just wondering if it would be wortht the wait because the only difference would be that i bought it online instead
well i personally like dealing with guitar center, they are flexible with prices if you talk to them, and it seems the more you purchase from them, the more discounts they will send you in the mail...but yea i would take the one in the store until the other comes in
isnt that stupid tho to wait for 2 months just so i can get it from guitar center instead of musicians friend?
well i know sometimes when people by online musicians friends, music123, ect... they find there guitars can come dented some times from shipping.
they just want me to go ahead and buy something so i dont buy it somewhere else, even if its not the one i want andi have to wait to months, theyre pretty much tryin to trap me
my friend got a guitar from musicianfriend and it came in perfect shape...but if i was you and if your investing in a guitar more then like 300 dollars then i'd get it in person, especally a guitar. You shouldn't worry about getting pedals and cables and such from online
MF has no tax and shipping so if youre spending a lot you can save some good money (or you can try and talk them down at GC)

It doesnt matter

(and GC and MF are actually sister stores, not the same company)