What are your guy's thoughts on factory 2nd guitars? I was looking for a new guitar and I found one on ebay for a really good price from a seller with 8000+ positive feedback. Only problem is that it is a factory second, but the seller said that it was only a bubble in the finish, only cosmetic and in the picture it doesnt look bad at all. And I have already tried the guitar at a local store, but I was looking for a better price. So my question is would you buy it? Or would you stay away since it's a factory second?
i abuse my guitar anyway so probably
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the guitar i have now is a factory second, and it was just a finish problem too, sounded perfectly fine, didnt even llok that bad, just save a bit of money
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mm if it's a great deal and you like it.
factory seconds can be a steal, since i usually have a scrape in my guitars paintjob in a few weeks anyway, unless you want a perfect finish and dont jump off stuff while your playing
Thanks, I'm probably going to get it then. I'm not too worried about how it looks, and in the pictures it looked very small and unnoticeable anyways. Only thing I was really worried about was if it would be of lesser quality but sounds like I should be fine. Thanks.
there was a problem from the factory, usually a line of guitars with paint flaws is what you most commonly see (like his), one of the machines messed up and chances are a few guitars have the same kind of flaw as his
I didnt end up gettting the one I was talking about but I did get a different one (same guitar though): Electric Blue Schecter Omen 6 It's a factory second as well and I got it for about $100 less than from the local guitar center or MusiciansFriend.com. Thanks for the help guys.