Just wondering if anyone could share some tips for starting a band. A buddy of mine and I are getting together later today to try to start something. We've been talking about starting something for a few weeks now, and while we're finally doing something now, I feel that this first practice is going to be awkward. I have no idea what I'm going to play, or what his style is going to be (he's a drummer). Any tips or advice for the first practice would be appreciated.
IMO, if your good enough to make stuff up on the spot, than this first practice shouldn't feel akward at all. Just get in there, play some of the best stuff you can (and not sound like crap) and then have him either go along with it, or then have him give u a drum beat to make something up to.

If you can't make stuff up on the spot...good luck is all i have 2 say
well first find out what level everyone is on and then decide on what type of music you guys will play, find out whan bands you all like and try to decide on the type of music. Go from there
Stop talking and start playing. Talking doesn't make music. Get motivated and things will come together. Don't worry about style, influences, etc. yet. Find one cover song you both like and work from there, you'll be amazed at how quickly things will progress from there.
call him and ask him what songs he knows and learn them and ask if he is willing to learn a song you know if he dosen't whant to learn then he probably wouldn't be the best choice for a band member good luck
Me and my drummer both started off just talking about a few bands we liked, and then when i went to his house to jam for the first time, we played a couple covers that we both knew, and recorded some stuff we wrote there on the spot. I recommend having a few riffs, etc. ready before hand so you can give the other an idea of what you like to play, and how you write.

Hope it works out for you, man.
why don't you just start playing some covers? you could then get a feel for playing with each other. once that's done, you could maybe write stuff on your own and then bring it to the table at band practice. that way it won't be like a 4 hour improv session. don't get me wrong though, jamming is a good thing, but sometimes it makes it easier to bring some stuff to practice instead of just bashing it out.
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First thing you do when you start a band is you talk about your influences! That's how you figure out what kind of band you want to be! So who do you like?
(end Jack Black reference)

But in all seriousness, try to find some like-minded individuals to play some covers that you all enjoy and if it goes well, work towards being an original band.
thanks for the input. Do you people really think covering songs is a good idea though?? I always thought cover-bands were kinda lame and elementary. If I was still 14 I might consider suggesting cover-bands, but we kinda want to get something rolling now while we're in college and can decide if it will work and worth pursuing?

Not trying to be negative, just trying to show my outlook

EDIT: I have countless riffs I've made over the past 4 years, no complete songs though
You could start with very few covers and work on original songs at the same time. Although, my band worked from the ground up with all original material. We learned a bunch of covers so that we could bust one or two of them out at any given time during a show and everything has worked out nicely.
Only do covers when you first practice. That doesn't mean you have to play them at gigs and stuff, it just helps you get a feel for the music with the drummer.
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