Ok so it's about time that i get a new guitar. I current main ones are my Jackson DKMG and Gibson Les Paul Standard. I like to play a lot of thrash metal especially Metallica, some Children of Bodom, and also some punk like Rise Against and the Offspring.

I was thinking about getting the Alexi Laiho ESP, but i've also been debating on getting a white ESP EX-400 or a Jackson Randy Rhoads instead of the Alexi one. Now i kinda would rather have an ESP cause i already have Jackson and i want a different brand. So does anyone have any suggestions on which guitar i should get?

Also can anyone explain to me the whole deal with ESP and LTD and why they can't sell certain things in America...i'm still a bit confused about the whole thing.
i agree on the hellraiser. If i wanted that guitar, i would wait a few months till they put a trem on the 7 string model
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hmm...alright i'll go check out the Hellraiser, it looks very nice

i kinda still do want a v-shaped guitar but i'll go try them out at sam ash and see which one i like the best
i wouldnt judge a guitar based on its looks at all, unless you really like everything else about it. I go for feel and comfort myself above all others
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