ok i was just wondering i wana be really quick at playing, not necessarily thrash, but sorta like deep purple child in time sorta stuff. Dam quick, but lots of emotion, i already bend strings alot, and what have u, just wondering how to get really quick. I got a fender squire, and im getting an epihphone SG iommi, I use an Ibanez plectrum( but that can change ) just wondering how to get really fast but still get emotion in whilst playing.
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you could practice for years, and still not attain what you are looking for. Sure, it takes practice, but its the amount of quality practice, more so then the amount of time spent playing in general.
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i cant actually tell you how to play fast...just practice but look into playing some joe satriani type stuff.
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ive been playing 4 years, im pretty quick, just wana be lightning fast

that, is all practice. but shredding with emotion, or how you want to in this case, will take just a feel for the instrument, cant no body tell you exactly how to do it
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ive been playing 4 years, im pretty quick, just wana be lightning fast

like ive said, the amount of time has nothing to do with anything. Its the amount of quality time spent that really makes the difference

How i got fast, then faster, was really stop putting emphasis on speed, and all that energy/focus on PERFECTION. As you start to perfect your technique, you will get a better handle on slower speeds. Once you start to perfect it at that tempo, you will naturally want to pick up the pace.

The trick to speed is to make it seem easy. Sure, it sounds easier than it is, but its really the truth. If you have to exert any kind of extra force, you are really taking a few steps backwards
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Buy the album Funnel Weaver by Buckethead and learn every single riff off the album, full speed. It's filled with 49 songs, all 30 second - 1 minute riffs over a drum track, its how I learned to play fast.

here are the tabs to it (hard to find)

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im not sure about that album...

but i will say its important take things you find very hard, and work them up. Its really helps you define the instrument for yourself, and its really the best way to challenge yourself, and get rid of those nasty "grey areas"
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