This is my first customizing job and I was wondering if anyone could help me decide on a type of paint to use, b/c like I said this is my first shot at this... and will it hurt my sound any if I dissconnect the pick-ups for the painting and put them back on afterwords?.... Just a thought it is a Fender Squirer 50th Anniversary Edition... if that helps.
A variety of paints will work, just head over to your local home depot. I think it's best to get paints that specialize in wood. You're probably also gonna need primer and clearcoat etc. I don't think you need to disconnect the pickups. When I took my squire apart, I only needed to disconnect the hot and ground wires, and the jackplate wire. It's not that hard, if you know how to solder.
Hey there, im actually doing the same thing. I do tattoo artwork and im going to paint my guitar with some badass ****. i can give you alot more info if you just IM me at iliketokickasses but bassically i stripped my entire guitar dont be lazy...take everything off and then put it all in a plastic bag ALL of it.

basically dont use lacour hardener paint any other paint should be fine. anyways IM me sometime and ill guide you through it.

Also...most importantly you have to sand your guitar down until it feels baby ass smooth so the paint has something to bond to.

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