Yesterday, I purchased an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer from my local Guitar Center.
Now, I am trying to figure out how to use the pedal. I play classic rock, blues, hard rock, and metal and any thing else I can get my hands on.

This pedal is mainly for the first three genres I mentioned.

I want to get that screaming, hot, crunchy, bluesy kind of sound, but all im getting is a warm and not very crunchy sound. It doesn't have much bite, I have to max out the tone for a nice trebley sound.

It's not screaming its just well... rasing its voice

Please help

here is my setup.... guitar > Boss DS-1 Distortion > TS9 > Dunlop 535 Q Wah> Kustom 35 DFX

here are some sound bytes of what i want 2 have it sound relatively like


listen to the five mp3s around the middle of the page

2,3,5 are my favorites, i love that tone

please tell me what settings to put on, what to set my amp to, amp "gain" on or off, etc.

your help would be greatly appreciated... Have a nice day
You're not gonna' get them sounds without a valve amp. Tubescreamers are designed to push valve amps over the edge, buy making the valves work harder, your amp isn't a valve amp, and overdrives don't work too well with SS amps.

Try it at half way gain, and tone and level wherever.
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yeah my ds-1 gives tons of crunch but i want the TS9 for the blues stuff and the mellow stuff but

lately i have found if i leave me ds-1 on about halfway drive and the TS9 on full i get some of the sound i want...

but i think i might return the TS9
The ts9 on its own won't give you much screaming lead. Put it after the ds1 and turn both of them on.
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Try maxing the gain, putting the tone straight up and down, and level to boost amps clean tone (louder than amps volume alone) those are my settings usually, although i have a tube amps so....
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Hhah, tubescreamers NEED tubeamps
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