The Death Of A Tyrant

Released is the grip
A new light in their eyes
Doves soar heavenward
High up in the skies
Ten thousand hearts
Resurrected through the fall
A new light in their eyes
Agony ended, and peace for all


Through the . . .
Death of a tyrant
A flood once again
The death of a tyrant
Back earth we gain
The death of a tyrant
Leave us and die
The death of a tyrant
Again we may fly

Travel back to a land
Seldom water
Only hot earth and sand
The tyrants rule all of the life
The rule with iron hands
Their ends shall come
The wait is the test
Wisdom is key
Faith is the rest



There may be no chance for everything
But through the dark shines a vanishing light
You must raise your hand and grasp
For there is always a chance to change your life


Rise up your chalice
Sing your proud song
Triumph is yours, celebrate
After a wait, so long
Your victory is yours
You controlled your fait
Never loose hope
Never give in with hate

I like the staccato rythm you've created with the very short lines.
The interlude makes a nice contrast to this.
I agree with merkalos666!