Okay, recently, my keyboard/guitar player in my band has been jamming with these other bands and seems keen on joining one of them. He says he'll stay in our band but doesn't seem committed at all. I've talked to him about this, but I don't know what to say. What should I do?
don't settle for a half-ass player. i did that with my old drummer, bad idea. make him choose, if he's gonna be a bitch about it, kick him out.
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im sayin mayb he's gettin tired of playin with the same people and needs to stretch out a bit ive done it before all kinds of musicians do that (Oysterhead?)
maybe ask'em if there is some diversity he would be interested in, it might just be that he's tired of doing the same music day in and day out, i know as much as i love metal i still love the blues, classical, jazz and a TON of other stuff, if i was in a band that required me to play one specific way all the time it would be rather claustrophobic, chances are he's playing w/ other bands to get a variety of sounds and types of music out, maybe you should try changing your sound to have more of an open mind about the type of music you play.
The thing is we haven't even been playing for too long, about three months. We don't even have a full band as of yet.
try diplomacy (imagine that) ask him why he wants to have a bunch of different bands and in the end he prolly won't be dedicated to all them anyways (unless he has a really good reason) , just talk to the guy jeez, it shouldn't be that hard, ask him what yer band isn't providing for him in terms of his musical personality, it may just be that there isn't a full band yet and he would like a full band.
Do these other bands happen to be all-girl bands?

If so, you have your answer on why he's spending more time with them.

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