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Do you put one as a total seperate pedal and put it before or after the other pedals?

it depends on where you're running long runs of cable. If you're using any Boss or Ibanez pedals (or Digitech and DOD) they've allready got a buffer in them wether the effect is on or off.

If you've got a long line of true bypass it might be a good idea to put a buffer of some kind at the start of them.
If you're using a long guitar cable you might even want to mount on directly on the gutiar (if you don't want to loose any brightness).

though if you're using a Fuzz Face I wouldn't put in until you get after it since the Fuzz Face really responds to adjustments of your guitars volume knob and you entirely loose that if you put a buffer in front of it. However if you have a wah wah pedal in front of your Fuzz Face you may have noticed that the fuzz face starts oscillating/farting with the wah in the heel position, you fix this by adding a buffer to the end of the wah circuit before it goes off to the switch.
Well actually, Seljer, I dont have any name brand effects pedals except my Korg Toneworks AX3000G multieffects. All the rest, I am building. So I would imagine that what I have built dont have any buffers. They seem to be easy enough builds to just put one together and throw it at the start of my effects line. Would I want a IC buffer or a FET buffer though?
that Korg has a buffer in it for sure.

Personally I find the IC buffer a bit more simple, I made a layout for one using a TL071 or any other single opamp. It was on less than a square inch. Though the JFET buffer might be better because ICs have a whole lot of parts inside them.
It doesn't matter really.

Also if you have a booster pedal of sorts at the start of your chain and you end up leaving it always on it'll be acting as a buffer too (or you can build a booster pedal just for the hell of it, and if you don't need the boost just turn the gain down).
Try the Fetzer Valve from runoffgroove or the Stratoblaster from I can't remember where (edit: Generalguitargadgets)
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Ok thanks. I will look at building a booster. I found the Alembic Stratoblaster at Aron Nelson's forum gallery thing. I will check out the Fetzer Valve too.