What is the least amount of money that should be spent to get a good Marshall amp? Earlier I asked about getting a new amp and said preferably $100 - $200 is what I would spend, apparently that is not good enough. So, before I go out a by a new one, how much should I expect to spend? My music store in town has Marshalls (and Crates) for $400ish is that about the minimum price?

least amount for a good Marshall is $1000
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same position man, i am poor less than 100...been lookin at those rolands....ans some Drive amps...and if my stuff sells on Ebay, i gettin this fender...
yeah im guessing the marshalls' in the store are the MG's
stay away from them
they really embarass the marshall name
check out a cube or vox, there the good amps for that kind of price range (200-400)
Used, you can get older Marshall tube combos for 600 or so. The JTM combos go for REAL cheap, I've seen them sell for 400 US on eBay pretty consistently.
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least amount for a good Marshall is $1000

You occasionaly get very lucky and find a old JCM800 or JCM900 used from $600 to $1000