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who cares

That's what your mom said last night, when I asked if you would notice the stains on your side of her bed.
The idea is to go by what it sounds like. Giving the price range would give it away in a second.
If you give us a range that varies from 200-220 it'd give it away.

If you give us a range from say 200-800 then it really wouldn't. O.o

Is it a popular UG amp or a popular amp amongst amp dealers?

EDIT: IDK, it doesn't sound as good as most cube recordings I've heard..

I'm gonna guess Spider II.
The threadstarter doesnt update much. About a million people have suggested the MG and he hasnt said yes or no. It probably is and he just doesnt want to admit that he has one.
it sounds alot like my friends marshall half stack, he uses an AVT200 head and a 1960 Lead cab. so im gonna guess that. not nessisarily that cab but at least the head is what im thinking. if not that than some kind of marshal AVT whether its a head or a combo amp or what. but anyways thats my guess

edit: AVT 150 head, not 200 (theres no such thing)
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Quote by As a Holy Gift
Below is the a link to a sound clip of myself playing guitar. I want to see if anyone can guess what kind of amp I'm using. The only hint I'm going to give you is that the amp is made by a well known brand.

Go to it!

Clue 1: he sounds like a n00b
Clue 2: well known brand... there's marshall, vox... uhhh...
Clue 3: "Giving the price range would give it away in a second." i'm guessin it's a cheap amp... but which one??

Result: marshall MG, line 6 spider OR vox with crappy settings

EDIT: I'll go along with everyone; it's a crappy MG
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I'd be glad to take a stab at which of the twenty million different and similar amps in the world, you ****ing twat.

I'll just go with the MG, because I want to be on the side of the popular kids. God, I love being a childish asshole.

The responses I'm getting here are hilarious.

It's not an MG. If someone answers correctly, I will PM them and let them know that they did, so if you haven't received a PM, you're wrong. (:
lol sorry that was a bad joke

i really think it sounds MG-ish

EDIT: I agree with the guy below me lol low-end Crate
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Is it a Crate of some sort? ( I'm not going through all the models, because there are too many low end sluggish sounding SS crate models to list )

Now, I think we deserve another hint.
Man, I'm getting some pretty negative opinions of my setup here.

You guys are vultures. Hahaha.

Here's a clue: Someone already guessed it.
my guess is with a line 6 spider II
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Quote by aznrockerdude
Clue 1: he sounds like a n00b

He sounded fine to me...

And well known brand being marshall/vox? You sound more likea newb to me.

Anyways, the FM212R? Since you said someone already guessed it. I honestly don't know, everyone is saying it sounds terrible but I didn't think it was that bad. Not the greatest but definately not bad.

Just heard it again. AVT almost for certain I think.
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ok, it could be a crate SS, de-tuned and a smarth eqing job.

could be any amp with a boss md-2 pedal. de-tuned

ok from now on all answeres include the fact that you were in drop C or something.

the tone hinted of good sound, but mixed with fizzy SS ness. so the vox ad series sounds like a good answer but the lower wattage moddles don't have that much gain...

of course theres always the option you got a good amp and dida ****y eq job.
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Geez, does it really sound that bad?
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Well, it's not a Spider II, since I haven't been PM'd.

It's not an FM, since he asked for more guesses after that guy guessed FM.

It's not an MG, since he said it wasn't an MG. So AVT or Vox. Now PM me.
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Geez, does it really sound that bad?

I really don't think it sounds as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Either they're just jumping on the bandwagon, or just being jerks.
That's what I thought. But I was too scared to be different.
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