This is probably the wrong forum but....

I'm torn between getting a condenser mic and a dynamic mic. I'll be recording acoustic guitar with it and some vocal, maybe some electric, piano probably and drums.

I'm thinking dynamic but i'm not sure. Can anyone help? Cheers.
One mic won't suit all of your needs, especially for everything you want to do.

Different mics respond drastically differently under different situations, and even breaking it into the categories condenser, dynamic, and ribbon is still much too vague for all of those jobs. You'll generally want multiple mics for drums, a mic specifically designed for vocals, a pair of condeners for piano, and you can mix and match for the guitar (usually you'll want two on an acoustic, a small condensor up on the neck and a dynamic/large condenser down at the sound hole).

If you don't know exactly what you're looking for out of your recording gear, then yes, a dynamic (either shure or sennheiser) will serve you best.
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if this is your first mic purchase, get a shure sm57. it's a good place to start. plus, as you add to your collection, the sm57 will remain useful for certain applications (like guitar and snare/tom micing)
If its ever gonna be used in a live situation dont get a condenser however if its just for recording check out the AKG 414, it will suit most of your needs and especially with your acoustic however to get a good sound you need more than one mic.
I agree with the suggestions to start with a 57. Then you can add a condensor mic down the road for some vocals and acoustic guitar.
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