Hey. I was wondering if it was much easier/more comfortable to play guitar with low action (I believe that's what it's called.. Where the strings are closer to the fingerboard?) I also have a very hard time playing barre chords. Would low action help this? Would it help with any chords at all, or soloing? I believe I'm playing at middle action, but I don't want to move to low action if it's difficult to play like that, so I though I'd ask a few guitarists first.
low action will help make it easier for barr chords, and playing, but becare not to lower it too much or your strings will buzz on the frets, i play with low action and i love it. try it, if its not what you like, you can change it back. however it you play slide guitar, i would not advise low action. but in short it will help make it easier to play.
Well, it really all preference. I thought I had low action, but I know people with lower action, and although it does not buzz, it annoys me how close it is. It might make it easier, but as in my case, it may make it harder to play. Just try out different actions and see what you like. In general it is lower=easier to play, faster. But like wag said, don't go so low that the strings buzz on the frets... ew.
Low action will undoubtedly make you play faster, and easier. But, if you want to make the action real low with no fret buzz, go to some guitar tech, and he/she can adjust the truss rod, making no fret buzz with low action.
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I think I'll try this with my Telecaster and see how low I can get hah.
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