This song was recorded and mixed at home by some friends of mine in a band called Savage. This song was written in 1989 but never recorded until a few months ago. Let us know what you think?


First of all , respect to you guys for being a little older than the rest of us here in ug and for being willing to share comments!
The song reminds me the style of savatage meaning that the song kicks ass , the vocals are great , the riffs are spectacular and the solo blowes me away ! I dont have anything to say , Respect !
Feel free to say no, but , can you crit my songs? there are 3 , u can crit all three or 1 of them , i would appreciate it ! Thank you

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Song 3: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=385258

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that was pretty cool, definately got that old school sound to it. vocals were awesome, very fitting for the style, beautiful solo, a very tight recording... the clean parts sounded great, id love to ehar some of your other songs ... crit mine?

Thanks for all the kind words. When they played it for me I kind of thought it had a Dokken feel to it. They have some more songs in process, but it could be a while. I will go crit those songs for you.