Ok, so I'm new to playing the guitar and was browsing the site! Is it absolutely necessary to learn all of the chords? There are a lot of them
just get the most used ones down. A Am C D Dm E Em G Gm, and stuff like that. You don't necessarily need to know Gm(sus)5 or something that complicated.


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learn all the open chords and then learn 5th and 6th string barre chord formations. after that you can play pretty much any chord you see with a minimal amount of knowledge in music theory. after that all you have to do is make your font smaller like a normal person and you'll be ready to go
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Sloppyjoe24 listed the most common ones right there, learn those and you'll be on your way.

EDIT: And don't worry if you have trouble playing Barre Chords; it'll take time for your hands to get strong enough to play them consistently.
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learn a few chords at a time, once you have mastered 3 or 4 at a time, then move on, and return later to the previously learn chords and start making chord progressions . Sloppyjoe24 listed a good amount of chords, i know that a fair few beatles songs use those chords.
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It's more important you learn how to MAKE chords and not just KNOW chords.
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It's more important you learn how to MAKE chords and not just KNOW chords.

damn, beat me to it...be sure to study chord theory so that you can figure out how they are made instead of memorizing shapes...i would, however, memorize the basic barre chord shapes

a decent lesson on barre chords

and an extremely in-depth look at chord theory in general, one of the best i've seen...try to take this one in small doses
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