I am looking to purchase a mesa head but dont want to spend much more than the dual and prefferably less. What difference, besides less volume, is there in the dual and single rects. Would a single be good enough? I play gigs and decent size venues but not too often. Thanks
the Single has only got 2 channels and a slightly less dark more "rock" type voicing to it. Still a good amp.
Mesas are better for rhythm sounds. If you're playing lead, you're better off with a Marshall or Soldano or something like that.
Well I play lead but i also play a lot of heavy choruses and chunking verses. However, what mesa combo would be most like a single rect? I dont know if I actually want to spend the money for a stack.
Get the single if you want to spend less money. Has more than enough volume for you and if you don't care bout the extra channel then the single is perfect. If you want a combe though get a Mark.
i recommend the single. cause if you need more power you could always mike it. plus you get the natural tube breakup sooner.
i play hard rock and alt metal i had the dual and it was great for it, easy to get a good lead sound with a pedal but i just got a triple so i sold it, but great amp
Get the three channel Dual Rec.... She's a bad mamma jamma
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True, you probably dont need the Tube Rectifier but the third channel is a great feature. The clean should be better on the dual (i think) because it doesnt break up as early. I love my dual, and if you need the lead and heavy rhythm you may need the 2nd distortion channel.
I'd go with the Dual, it has more noticiable crunch then the Single.
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^ plus a lot more options for your own personal sound. Also, theres not even a noticable difference in volume between the two. (about 3dB). The Dual just has a bit more headroom.