hey can I plug my marshall JCM 2000 DSL head into my peavy bandit 112 combo. Would this wreck my jcm 2000 or is it ok. What can i plug it into if anything right now until i get a cabinet so that i can play and not wreck anything. I have an old cabinet with 1 12" speaker but i dunno if it will harm my amp. will anything work or do i basically need a big 4x12 cab to be safe?....thanx
ok plugging into your peavey i know is a bad idea it definitly cant handle the head. also plugging into any old speakers probably isnt such a bright idea either. IM gonna say your best bet is just by a 2x12 or a 4x12 combo
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If the Ohms on the cab and head match, and the speaker can handle equal or a greater number of watts than the head has, then it'll be fine.

Respond back with some specs if you can.
yea, plugging it into your Peavey will fry it and maybe your Marshall too. Sg got it right with ohms and watt ratings.
If you want to connect the output of you JCM2000 to the input of your Bandit then that just bad news for everybody involved. don't do it.