The queen demands a council house
sat beside buisiest motorway
She wants vouchers and trolleys
And screaming kids who want lollies

She want's a car that'll never start
Cinema trips and bowling alleys
A daughter who wants to look like a tart
who just learned to hotwire a car

A nine to five cleaning job at a local school
With puking kids and pissy old teachers
she wants to lose weight on a weightwatchers plan
with rabbit food and a meat free meal

All she wanted was a farting husband
with a stomach filled with a brewery
she just wants the lives of you and me
But she got to posh oh gosh.

yeah so that sucked any help appreciated
ermm, wtf in a bad way. no offence intentioned, but wtf. itrs got a decent simple structure, btu theres just nothing there. You have the whole all she wanted was this crappy life thing, but you've not said who, youve just described a crappy life, okkkkkk, now what, and it just ends on some stupid ponsey line which I think is supposed to explain everything and just makes you sound like a puffter.
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Well I can top you all, I've done my mum, my step brother AND a cat. As well as quite a few corpses.