i wrote this for a girl that i like its kind of short but i think it came out really well and i added this oriental sounding peice at the end (sped up obviously) so could you please give me youre opinions on it before i present it to her

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clean up the fast parts, they sound too rushed and muddled. do that and you'll have a winner
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Wow! That's good.
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I really liked the song... the oriental part not included. It would be great for another song, but it just seems very random and honestly, guitar-wankish. It didn't fit at all. I love the meat of the song though. Very pretty.
If you like it go for it man. I just really don't think that it goes with the song. Pretty will always win the ladies more than flashy guitar playing. Hell, they don't know how hard it is, but they sure love the pretty playing.
^ she has some chinese in her so i think it will go over well with her.....i specialize in pretty guitar playing