Just for some fun. This is a thread on another message board I visit. It has over 12,000 posts going back to June of 2004. It is quite simple. I will start it off by posting a song followed by the group that performed the song. Every consecutive post must be link to the previous post by containing words, a word, (past, present, future) tense of a word, or a portion of a word that was in the previous title song. The artist / group name only serves in the case were there are multiple versions of a particular song by various artists. Remember this is all in fun you can list anything, from any genre, or era. It doesn't have to be something you would listen to, just a song that you know "the title and the artist". Be adventurous.

Here goes:

Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
If I'd Been The One - .38 Special
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