I called a local guitar shop today and asked how much it would cost to do the following:

remove old pickups from strat
install new pickups into strat
change strings
adjust pickup height
set action to taste

All of this for $100. I think its a little expensive since its like half the price of the pickups I want to buy. I do not know how to install pickups. I also don't have a soldering iron, but I do have experience with one. My father is a decent electrician so he probably could help. What do you guys recommend I do. Thanks.
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do it yourself, it'll be cheaper and you'll learn something, an besides the worst you can screw up can be easily fixed by going to the guitar centre
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Tha't not really a bad price considering all of the work involved. The strings have to be removed. The entire pickguard has to come off. You have to unsolder and remove three pickups, if you have a standard S-S-S Strat. The new pickups have to be reinstalled and resoldered. Strings reinstalled and tuned. Then if you lower the action, each bridge saddle has to be lowered individually and the intonation checked after that's done. In all, not too difficult, but time consuming. Here's a suggestion, check on eBay for a loaded pickguard. I changed one of my Strat's to a Mex Double Fat Strat w/ 2 humbuckers for about $ 125. A loaded pickguard comes with everything, controls and pickups. All you have to do is clip the wires to your input jack and reattach them.
Knowing electricity wont come too much in handy becuase as long as your switching the pups with something else thats similar you just take out the pickups where they came in, and put the new ones in exactly where the old ones were. Dont clip wires, solder them out and solder the new ones in.

Other than that, the action can be adjusted by a small allen wrench to your bridge, those little nobbys.

Strings are pretty much self-explanitory, just make sure you wind them counter clockwise to tighten, clockwise to loosen. I always try to make sure the string always winds down, one string under the other, then chop the extra leaving around half a cm then push it down over the strings.

Adjusting the pickup height is just twisting the screws along the right and left side of the pickups. Tigter makes them higher lower makes them lower.

Yeah this will be a very good learning experience. If you want to play guitar you have to know how to do these things, dumb little accidents happen, and u gotta learn how to fix them and know what needs to be fixed. Good luck
^^ well now that we all know that knowing "electricity" wont help in this situation. i think we can all sleep safer tonight.

anyway, do it your self its not that hard and theres lots of people on here who can help you out if you happen to get stuck.
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