Yeah let me know what you think crit for crit.

Tell me please can?t you see what goes on in my face
When I see you I can?t hide what happens
I?m always a mess and the clock keeps on clicking

And you can?t fight a freight train
When it starts to move
Yeah you can?t end your refrain
Dried up in the dunes

When the sand in the glass falls out onto the floor
Time stands still for a sucker
I?ve hit my head harder then back when we bartered and I lost

It?s a long way from here where the cannonballs fly
And you wish that your mama could help you to die
But the moment for mothers is so quickly fleeting

It?s the time to take off all your wonderful clothes
Stand amongst and strike up a pose
But your poses are useless we all see inside you anyway
i like it, although it could be a little longer

crit for crit
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.