ive noticed that ive been lazy with practiceing latley so im going to set up my old practice routine again which consists of a half hour out of the rock disapline book which includes useing a metronome. then a half hour on theory and improv. then how ever many hours i want to spend on learnign solos and songs.
oh no! you will become bored in a few weeks and will give up miserably...might i suggest learning a song out of your reach...from there, you find areas that you're having trouble with and use them as exercises to improve on that particular technique...this is a much more interesting and effective way to practice in that it is a bit more "i want to nail that song so badly, i feel like practicing!" rather than "damnit, i have to go practice those bloody chromatics" i would say to go through rock discipline daily along with my previous method, as well as studying up on theory and improvising...remember to practice EVERYTHING to a metronome
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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well yeah i know thats what i meant about learning songs for countless hours. im spending time learning yngwie and eric johnson stuff. as well as some others. but i still need to work on exercises and theory a tun so.