Im currently In position of my dad's Guild acoustic guitar which is wonderful.

It says its model D6-5NT and serial number KL000058, any info about it such as value or whatknot?
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It probably started at $55 but then he thought "You know what? F&*$ them. 1 dollar extra. pwned noobs."
That bastard...
Im sorry HelpMeImHungry I also dident Find anyhing...but isent it funny how poeple allways ask these same qustions Like Most people know this stuff off the top off there head.
Funny you should ask. I've been researching a very similar model, and I *think* it's from the 90s; it's solid wood, rosewood fretboard, spruce top, and mahogany back & sides; it cost around $1k brand new back in the day; and I saw one at our local Guitar Center that I'm seriously thinking about going to get. They wanted $400 for it; I'm considering trading in my Martin DCXE (made in Mexico, laminate sides & back) for it. I can probably get $200-$300 for the Martin, even though I paid $600 for it; it also has Fishman pickups. The Guild doesn't have pickups, and I'll either have to have one installed or use my little D'Addario pickup on it (which feeds back like a banshee and has a 6' cord to boot.) Any comments or suggestions would be very appreciated!
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