I have a "Palmer" strat knockoff. Finish looks pretty, well, unpolished, and I want to polish her up. I don't want to pay $10 or so for a bottle of Mequiers whatnot, I use NuFinish car polish on my car (technically, my parents cars....) and love it, and have some of that around, will it work on my guitar? I have no clue what the finish is, I'd actually like to understnad more about what finish is what and how to tell....

she's black with yellow lines, kind of an EVH look I think, with clearcoat over it all....

well u get what u pay for. I use meguirs at work, it costs me like 40 cdn but it works very well. I think ure best bet is to just use a good wipe on wipe off kind of wax

Polishes are a whole nother story
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This is sort of a wax. It doesn't contain any Carnuba wax though....something about "zinc polymer technology." You use it just like you would a wax and it does the same thing as a wax, but claims to last for like, a freaking long time, and is easier to use too, you don't have to buff it as hard, and you can put it on in the sun and heat.

If you read the FAQ page (the link to it is on the link I already put on here, very easy to find, it's right next to the product link at the very top) it explains it a bit better....but yeah it's basically a wax. They have a "scratch doctor" thing also, but it's about the same price as the Mequiers stuff.

I don't want the guitar to look perfect, but I would like to make her look a little better...

from the website:

Conventional waxes don't last long because the common ingredient in these products, carnauba wax, breaks down quickly from everyday conditions. Neither Nu Finish Liquid nor Paste Car Polish contain carnauba waxes. No other liquid or paste products can make that claim!

Nu Finish is made up of a series of zinc cross-linking polymer emulsions that help Nu Finish last longer than any other polish on the market. This is why Nu Finish is called "The-Once-A-Year Car Polish." Watch how Nu Finish makes water bead month after month.