I Just bought a chep-ish classical guitar from a friend of mine and I want to play around with re-finshing/painting it. Well the first thing I have to do is get the finish off that is already on there. So what do I need to do? Sand it. But im kinda scared to sand it considering the wood seems to be pretty thin. I don't want to go through it or hurt the durability of the guitar so I just need some advice I guess. I have some pictures of my guitar and I need some input from someone with experience with sanding. Would it beokay to sand off a small coat with a guitar like this?
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no don't sand acoustics
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Hand sand it.

Also watch the start of "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" I reckon it's just the same as Banderas doing it, without the finish. And I think a belt sander will just tear it up.

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