OK... I just bought an LTD Truckster and I'm having trouble getting the action low enough. First thing I did was bring it to a shop and told them I wanted the action really low but when I got it back it was like they didn't even do anything... still too high. So I took it upon my self to give it a try. I made some minor adjustments to the truss rod but whenever I go to drop the bridge down and I'm fretting the higher frets the strings touch around the last fret, which obviously is not the desired result. How the hell do you get the action way down on a les paul style guitar?!?! I know I've played guitars that have a lot better action all the way down the neck!
dude dont mess with the truss rod unless you know wat yur doin cuz u can really mess up your guitar
Alright, first off, you have to be honest with yourself, 'can I really do this?'. Once you get that out of the way you have to know how to set up guitars in the first place. There is a lot more than just droping the bridge down and f'n with the truss rock. There is string height to take into consideration, do you want to shred or riff, or both. If both then it is even tougher. I would recomend getting a guitar repair manual first, that will teach you how to set up your guitar, then you should get some tools, like an automobile feeler guage, you need it to measure string height accurately. And you will also need a capo for some of the steps. Now you said you took it to a shop already and it feels like they didn't do anything to it. Well you need to tell them specifically what style you are playing and what you are going for. And make sure they are compitent at what they are doing. Do you trust them. Because a good setup is invaluable and you need to make sure it is done right, no matter who does it. I recomend going to a the shop and having them take you through it, and if they wont, find a new shop cause those guys a bastards. If you have any questions or want some more help on other stuff I may be of help just drop me a line.

Hudson "redchops" Handel
Yea you can mess it up but most if not all ESP guitars have the double rod so you can't go too far in any direction which decreases the chances of any permanent damage. Plus if you adjust it right it can be an easy and very effective fix to a ****ty problem...
Yea I've got the repair manual and I've been reading that. I do need to get a feeler gauge though... I work at a car dealershop but none of the technicians have an extra one to give me...DAMN! I assumed that the type of music I play was somewhat self-explanatroy due to the guitar I bought but whatever... I may bring it to another shop though, thats looking like it will probably be my next step.
bahaha whats your current string gauge? have you checked your neck to see if you done damage? even its still a 2way rod you still can do damage to it
i've got Ernie Ball skinny top heavy bottoms so 10 on the first and 52 on the sixth string. And I know you can still do damage I juast said it was less likely