what would be a good setup for the type of music i play(pearl jam rhcp, soundgarden,floyd basically grunge/classic rock) i have an ibanez rg350ex and am about to get a vox 30ad30vt. I have a dime crybaby from Hell(dont use not my style will sell) but thankin about gettin a(dare i say it) digitech rp300 for effects since im still basically beginner? but i dont know about other things i should buy after that or before that? help please
just look into pedals, decide what tone u want and spend a day in guitar center dickin around with the pedals until u find one that u like
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yeah...multi effects units arent great, and neither is digitech...do it right the first time, get a boss blues driver maybe? or ds-2? check them out, good all around punk, classic rock, power rock, etc.
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