Please help me!!

Physiologically getting your first song down is critical. With your first song comes euphoria, and confidence, amongst other feelings that motivate you further.

My problem; I'm still at the stage of attempting to learn my first song. I?m SO FRUSTRATED that I just want to smash my cheap Yamaha 335. I know that all I need to get over this HUGE obstacle of learning my first song.

I started with Heart of Gold, but it requires very fast chord changes, combined with a strum pattern that is not very forgiving. I then tried ?Love? by John Lennon. That I got conflicting chords, and requires accurate picking.

My favorite music: Beatles, Clapton, Neil Young & James Taylor.

This is what I?m looking for in my first song:
1. One or two barre chords
2. Five or more chords
3. Easily recognized song played by a novice
4. Easy/even strum pattern

Please don?t point me to a group of beginner songs. I would like ideas from first hand experience as to what specific song I should start with, that fits the above criteria.

I want to do several things with my first song, gain confidence, hit all the basic chords while playing the song, bring the fun aspect into playing that comes from the accomplishment.

I sincerely thank anyone that is kind enough to help me out. I do not want to quit!!

Thank you!!

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just learn seven nation army for your first song tehn move on to good really good classics like you're talking about
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Beatles? Easy strumming Pattern? Easy chords?

All You Need Is Love!

No seriously, All You Need Is Love by The Beatles is PERFECT for you. The hardest chord *might* be the B7 in the chorus that you strum for like 2 seconds hah.
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That's not really my genre of music so I don't really know what to recommend. However you said that you don't want to quit, so don't. I know it's easier than it sounds but keep at it. Everyone wants to have an awesome song as their first but since you're having trouble with these, go for an easier song. Just something not too hard so that you can get it down and get that confidence. Maybe work on a couple easier songs so you can have a few full songs down, then go for the slightly harder stuff. It's good to challenge yourself but the point of playing guitar is to make music and have fun, and if you're not having fun you're not going to want to play. Sometimes if I'm struggling with a song or playing something at a certain speed and I'm getting really annoyed I just play some easier riffs and songs. Don't give up!
Sunshine of your Love by Cream. Simple intro, basic chords.
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Daughters by John Mayer, simple as pie. Even strumming and easy lead... this song is NOTHING compared to his other works guitar wise. Based on those bands you listed you could definitely appreciate his better songs.
the first song i ever learned was either brain stew by greenday or hitchin' a ride by greenday

both really really really really really easy songs
You have to realize that at the beginning EVERYTHING is going to seem difficult
to do. The biggest problem to new players (and old alike) is getting the fingers
to do what you want them to do.

I would highly recommend that you go to www.guitarprinciples.com. All thier
materials are good, but I believe one of the books will give you the best advice
and practice methods for getting your chords down.

As a guitar player, patience is something you're really going to need. When you
do the right kind of practice, you know for sure you will be getting better so the
process becomes enjoyable.
Well, the first song i learned was Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

Or you could just try Knockin' on Heavens Door. easy chords, and the solos are pretty simple. Plus its fun to improvise on the second solo. >=]
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my first song was happy birthday!
seriously, it was good because i could play a tune everyone knew and it's very easy
Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a nice easy song. My first song . It has a few barre chords too.
here are some good ones...

Beatles - Hey Jude (if you've got a capo)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe
WOW ... ALL great songs to learn .... thanks to all of you for your kind responses!!!

I just needed a "kickstart" to get motivated again in the right direction.

Thank you!!!

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About a Girl By nirvana

i dont think there are any barre chords in that. at leas tnot the parts i know
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You like classic rock? You could try Wish You Were Here by pink floyd, the intro isnt too bad. but why stay in your own little shell of music? If you want easy strum patterns and chord changes you should look around acoustic/acoustic rock stuff. Like, bright eyes or dashboard confessional.