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I have never herd of this Wood before and I want a guitar made of it because they are beautiful. I read some reviews of people on musician friend about the Alvarez AD60CK and they were what is it Like to play is it as good as people were saying?
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i dono but alvarez makes great guitars at least the one i was checking out, only $200 bones to, so i like alvarez they make great guitars for the money. i know i didn't help but um yea have fun.
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rcmaster0072002 Thats was completely useless to me but thx it made me laugh and i needed that now can ANYONE else answer my question?
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Dao is a cheap alternative to Mahogany. Kind of like the agethis of the acoustics. There is nothing "wrong" with the material, it just doesn't look interesting. It sound just fine and a solid Dao guitar will probably sound better, and cost less than a laminated mahogany guitar.
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The wood paldao is found in Southeast asia. Botanical name: Dracontomelum, dao.
Other names: Dao,Lamio,Paldao,Pal Dao,Sengkulang,ulandug. the sapwood is pale yellow, Pinkish, or grayish. The heartwood is: gray-brown to red-brown with faint greenish tinge & irregular dark brown or black streaks.
Typical uses: Cabinetry,high end furniture,flooring,veneer,musical instruments, architectire. My source is:
Hope this helps.
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I have a friend who has a Fender made of Dao wood. Now, I don't really like Fender acoustics, but I can't deny that it sounds good, and looks beautiful!
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