1)Open up Audacity
2)Set the sound source to "stereo mix"
3)Press record
4)Quickly go play the MIDI file in another program
5)When its finished, stop the recording and trim and bits before/after it
6)Save the file in your choice of audio format
cool, that works. the problem is that my midis are in stereo so i'd have to record lefts, rights, and centers seperately. damn. i've got some that are inbetween the two as well. it's looking like this is the best option though. i've been getting some distortion or whatever you'd call it, and i suppose the best way to remedy that is by playing with the various volumes.
there's another problem with that technique. i had to download the lame_asa;oi whatever encoder thing to export this file as an mp3. when i go to upload this file on a website, it tells me it's not a propper mp3. do i need to encode it and then decode it or something? how exactly do i go about making it an mp3? has anyone found a way to turn a midi into an mp3 where you can go from stereo to stereo?