I have an old (eighties) Ibanez DT350 with the Pro Rock'r double locking tremolo. It's all set up and tuned right, the bridge is level with the body of the guitar, and all the bases are covered. Whenever I pull the bar up and release it, all the strings are tuned higher than they were before. Whenever I dump the bar, the strings are fine, and they come back to the correct tuning. The springs are new, and so are the strings (GHS Boomers mediums). What could the problem be?
could be the new strings......stretch em out and re-tune......repeat until guitar doesnt go out of tune....try that my friend
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could be your knife edges are worn. or your springs maybe

Already changed the springs, and it happened to the old springs as well. What exactly are the knife edges?
the knife edges are the points that the tremolo pivots on.
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