I love jazz and want to really start working on my improvisation skills more....im just not sure of the basics to learn and how to really effectively practice....I have a copy of the real book ver.6 and know my basic theory and was hoping someone could give me some direction and what to learn and practice thankkkss
well you know your theory so you know to hit the chord tones, right? but how do you make music out of that, right? maybe a good way to start is to listen to some recordings of the songs in your book and try to figure out other people's licks they use to improvise. then tie them together and make variations on them as you solo. your overall goal though should be to play in such a way and to create movement from one chord to the next. as you hit the chord tones and solo over a chord, whatever you're doing should be aiming for the next chord. know the chord changes really well so you can anticipate them.