Hey everyone. I've been looking at getting an emg 81/60 set. I am mainly a bedroom practicer and I have a Randall 20-watt practice amp. I won't be getting a tube amp anytime soon, but I can always rent one for a gig or something. Do you think it's worth getting the pickups? I'm aware that emg's are made to be played through tube amps, but will there be much difference in sound from my stock pickups when playing through my Randall?

I'm using an Epi explorer with crappy stock pickups, so there probably will be a change, but how great will that change be? I was looking around the forums and I've seen posts where people say that emgs sound 'terrible' through ss amps, so I really need to know if it'll be worth buying them.

I'd appreciate any replies that can help me. Thanks very much.
EMGs have a naturally 'harsh' sound, a real cutting edge, SS amps naturally put a shap edge on any sound. So an edgy pup like an EMG 81 through a solid state amp would have a ****load of bite, not necessarily a good thing.