Hey guys this is stupid but i need a new strap. Mine is this crappy really thing nylon one that after a while of playing, starts to rub on my shoulder and it gets really annoying and it hurts. Are there any straps under like $15 that have some good padding or w/e u wanna call it? and i have an epiphone sg so i need it to fit w/ that
ya just go a guitar shop and also maybe try sitting down?
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i'd recommend a leather strap cause those last 4 a long
time and they're really comfortable. there's all kinds of
styles and u just kinda gotta pick one out 4 urself. look
around online or at a guitar store.
they have padded sleeves that slip over an existing strap.
dunlop makes them for around $5.

if u want a new one anyway then go thicker. i doubt ull get padded leather on ur budget tho.

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For a little extra money, I'd hugely recommend Levy's $25 Leather Strap. Its very comfortable, and the sg won't nosedive with a leather strap on it.
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