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i had a post a few weeks ago, thanks to the ppl who replied to that, it was really helpful and im still looking at new guitars. Since im limited to a maximum of $1000 Australian the G&L Tribute Legacy, has caught my eye atm (about $800-900 AUD). the problem is noone in my town deals in G&L so i have to order one in. ive read a ****-load of reviews for it and it seems all good except a few people said the neck doesnt have a finnish on it which makes it feel raw and not play as well. i cant see any reason you couldnt but, is it possible to apply a finish after i buy the intrument? if so how much extra would that cost? thanks heaps. laters.
To me unifnished necks play a lot nicer than laquered/finished ones, its all really up to preference. So maybe you should try to find a guitar with an unifinished neck and see how you like it, it might not be exactly the same, but at least you have an idea.

You can always finish it yourself, its not a huge job to do, i wouldnt suggest it though unless you knew exactly what youre getting into. IMO, i think you should live with it, you might really even like it, its just not as glossy as finished necks. I dont think yuou should worry to much about it though, but i suggest you find a way to try somethign similar out, i dont want to be responsible if you dont like it,

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I prefer raw necks, They're much smoother and dont feel sticky like varnish.
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