So, I'm saving up for a high-end metal shredding guitar. Upper-fret access is necessary. I would like to be able to get a liquid lead esque tone, but still have more gain on hand if necessary. My budget is anywhere from $1250 to $2250 USD. Guitars I have been looking at Jackson USA soloists (SL1H more specifically), RR1s, also the ESP M-IIs, and I have heard good things about ibanez, but have not played any high-end ones. My Les Paul has the EMG 81/85 setup, and I have been looking at Duncans in this one for sake of clarity, but emgs are still an option.

I'd just like to emphasize again that I'm not looking for versatility. I only want a metal tone, not classic or hard rock, ect. Just metal.

As far as amps go, I've got a Marshall DSL100 half-stack, a 5150 half-stack, and eventually an ENGL Powerball. Also a ridiculous pedalboard.

Most of you will tell me to play them and tell from what I think. Well, most stores (GCs) don't carry all these high-end guitars, or even some of these brands. So I'd like some input to narrow this down before I go and try them out. And I live in the middle of nowhere, so it's at least a 5 hour drive to get to a store that would sell these types of guitars.


PS: Does anyone know what type of finish this would be called?
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you should check those dean guitars, you know the one that dimebag played, there supposed to have the perfect metal sound, its totally a guitar for shredding by looks and sound
^ive played them, they are horrible for music. i saw MAB play the first razorback at a clinic, and it sounded horrible. its strictly a wall hanging
I've actually looked into the Dean Razorbacks, though I don't like Pantera or Dimebag's tone, but I'm not going to go there. Also sounded a bit muddy with the stock pickups, kind of a like an import BC Rich. The thing that deters me from it is the body shape - I've got an 80's esp with the star body, and it's damn uncomfortable unless standing.

As far as the Washburns go, I've never been really impressed by them. I've played an idol series, and it just felt weird. Also not a big fan of their looks. I figure if I'm paying up to 2 grand for a guitar I should like the looks, no?

But thanks for the advice guys.
Dude, get a Gibson flying V, and drop the EMG 81,85 combo in it, and you're set. The higher frets have awesome reach.
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